Rockland City Council Imposes Temporary Limits on Large Cruise Ships

On Aug. 13, 2018, the Rockland City Council voted to impose limits on the number of large cruise ships allowed to unload passengers in Rockland. The Council voted 3-2 to restrict cruise ships to no more than two ships per day from November through August, with no more than 500 passengers on each ship. During the months of September and October, when large cruise ships typically visit Maine, the city will not allow ships carrying more than 3,000 passengers. The Council also voted to allow no more than six large ships total during the two-month period.

These limits will be in effect until the City Council adopts a Harbor Management Plan for the entire harbor; such a plan will include regulations covering much more than just cruise ship visits. An Ad-Hoc Committee has been formed to draft recommendations for the City Council to consider, perhaps as soon as the end of 2019.

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Portland Press Herald Publishes 3-Part Investigative Report

In June 2018, The Portland Press Herald released a three-part investigative series about the growing cruise ship industry in Maine. Written by award-winning journalist Colin Woodard, the series explored the impacts that the cruise ship industry has had in Portland and Mount Desert Island, the flawed studies that have been used to support the industry’s growth in Maine, and the concerns raised in Rockland, where the arrival of large cruise ships threatens to overwhelm the character of a small city.

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